Butterfly Playing Cards
Butterfly Playing Cards Butterfly Playing Cards Butterfly Playing Cards
$ 14.95


The unique marking system hidden in the back-design of The Butterfly Playing Cards contains two different marking systems that can be used separately, but they will make you a miracle worker if they are combined. Here are some basic effects you can accomplish using The Butterfly Playing Cards:


The cards are shuffled by a spectator and the spectator selects one without you looking. The card is retrieved and the cards are immediately shuffled by the spectator. All without you looking. You take the cards back and without looking at the faces or spreading the cards in any way, you know instantly what card it was.


The cards are shuffled by a spectator, taken behind their back, they take one from anywhere in the deck and hide it in their back pocket. Nobody, including the spectator, knows the identity of the card. They shuffle the cards again and give them back to you. You'll know the identity of the card in seconds without looking at the faces of the cards or spreading the deck in any way.


The cards are shuffled by a spectator. They name any card they want and you are able to cut to that card without spreading the cards in any way.


Imagine being able to perform feats only possible using a memorized deck, but with a shuffled deck of cards. The Butterfly Playing Cards enable you to see the positions of all the cards in a shuffled deck.

I developed the system for my own professional use.
It is simple, logical, fast to read and easy to learn.

I can't wait until magicians all over the world get their own Butterfly Playing Cards, begin exploring their capabilities and start coming up with new ways to use them.


The cards were designed with two main goals in mind.

  1. They have to be complex and irregular enough to disguise the markings.
  2. They have to be pretty enough to justify their use over a more common deck of playing cards.

I sent the concept of butterflies on a floral pattern to my friend Stefan Eriksson. Stefan is a designer and a brilliant magician whom I met at the Stockholm University of Dance and Circus, where we both studied magic.

We have made two different custom jokers and the ace of spades that are true to the overall theme of the back design. The rest of the deck has standard US faces as it is primarily intended for magic.


The overall quality of the finished product is my highest priority so I talked to the major manufacturers of custom playing cards to find out which one can offer the best quality paper-stock, the best quality control and has the most forward thinking attitude.

Cartamundi has it all under the roof of their mother factory in Turnhout, Belgium.

Their new card stock is soft, the finishing feels amazing, and it is very durable. And their quality control is so strict, that any deck containing even a single card that is off-cut for more than 0,5 mm gets discarded.

I visited the factory twice in the past year. The first time was to learn about their technology, production process and creative options. The second time was to negotiate, clarify and approve the digitally printed Butterfly Playing Cards Prototypes and I can't wait to come back for the third time to personally supervise the off-set production.

All purchases will receive an emailed pdf instructions once purchase is complete on how this amazing deck works.