Brooklyn Playing Cards
$ 15.95

"To those who can see, no explanation is necessary. To those who cannot, no explanation is possible."


Our launch edition is marked to be one of the most sought after and rare creations of a generation.  An instant classic.


Upon opening, the ambition of The Expert Playing Card Company is felt right away.  Without a doubt the finest handling cards printed by EPCC thus far.  They pass every test.


Smooth but controlled, soft but snappy, with sharp & flat glass edges right out of the box, these feature a slightly thinner Improved Classic Finish.


The design reveals the mission of The Brooklyn Playing Card Company: design highly functional playing cards for direct and impossible performances.


The thinnest white lined border ever printed surrounding a vintage diamond pattern, the back design is the most unassuming and minimal possible.


Modeled after the very rare "Inverted Jenny" stamp, our tuck box is classic, elegant, and simple.  Prized for containing a misprinted upside down plane, the Inverted Jenny shows that sometimes there is great value which others cannot see.


The deck includes standard faces, a familiar feeling Ace of Spades, and identical jokers showing the two Brooklyn Bridge Towers.  


Just 1000 decks total were printed.


         "The fewer men, the greater share of honour.”


         -William Shakespeare