Deans Set - Soft Morgan Dollar by Schoolcraft Precision
$ 514.95
These re-edged sets are truly something special! Dean Dill suggested that I not only re-edge the inner coins, but the shell as well, that way everything would match perfectly. So that's exactly what I did, while maintaining the same actual size of the coin with zero distortion! One of the benefits of this shell is that it sets almost all the way over the other coins, just like shown in the photo's below. 

The new edge also allows superior edge-gripping ability, making palming a lot easier. This design works best with soft coins due to their smooth surfaces and superior edges. Many working pros have switched to this set. Homer Liwag uses this set for his CoinOne and CoinTwo routines. I also make special Deans Set Flippers and Copper/Silver Sets to work perfectly with our these Sets.